BMS justice work

BMS 24:7 Justice Partners

Bringing justice to the oppressed

A Christian lawyer in Uganda

For over 200 years, BMS has been battling injustice all over the world.
From widow burning in the 1800s to modern slavery today, fighting for God’s justice is at the heart of our mission.

24:7 Justice Partners are part of that story.
Your prayers, your encouragements, and your financial support are invaluable as we stand alongside the oppressed and give a voice to the voiceless.

What is a 24:7 Justice Partner?

A 24:7 Justice Partner plays a personal part in mission, every hour of every day. A vital part of the BMS family, 24:7 Justice Partners pray for and give regularly towards those suffering from injustice and BMS’ fight against it.

As a 24:7 Justice Partner we will send you:

Engage, the BMS magazine, three times a year, packed with exciting stories of the difference your gifts are making

– News of other ways you can support the work of BMS

– Updates from BMS justice workers from around the world

BMS Justice Worker Linda Darby

What can I do?

Give £10 a month can help battle exploitation by paying for legal training for Ugandan farmers, teaching them about their rights to ownership of their land

Give £14 a month can empower those caught in poverty by providing legal aid, giving a voice to voiceless people and an advocate for the vulnerable

Give £31 a month – this can help BMS-supported lawyers represent Mozambican women in their struggle against gender-based violence

Become a 24:7 Justice Partner today

Send your completed form to: BMS World Mission, PO Box 49, 129 Broadway, Didcot, OX11 8XA.

You can also sign up by phone by calling 01235 517628.

In the unlikely event of any designated donations exceeding the amount that can be used in the direct support of mission workers or a particular ministry, any additional funds will be used to support mission in areas of urgent need.