Back in England

For a change, this blog is about all things English. Well, not all the things that are typically English. But things that I’ve noticed since coming back.

  1. It’s cold. It’s summer in Mozambique at the moment and pretty warm. I arrived back part way through a mild spell here and had several people tell me it was hot for this time of year. I will give you that it was mild; it wasn’t as cold as it could be. It was not hot.
  2. The fact that Christmas was coming was very obvious. Lots of lights on houses, carol services in church, a real tree to decorate…


  1. I drink a fair amount of tea. Due to the temperature I drink more tea here, yet not once have I had a comment linking the fact that I drink tea with the fact that I’m English.
  2. There are postboxes to put your post in and people who deliver it to your door. There is one postbox that I can think of in Mozambique, but I would not want to try any post in it.
  3. The money has changed. And yes, I did mistakenly try and pay for something with an old £10 note. When you got to a new place, you expect the money to be different. You don’t expect it when you come home.
  4. The speed limit around town is 30mph. In urban areas in Mozambique it is 60km/40mph. Something I constantly have to keep thinking about.


  1. Any speedbumps are marked so you can clearly see them with plenty of time to slow down. Not so in Mozambique – you have to either remember where they are or have great braking skills.
  2. You have to actually get out of your car and put the petrol in yourself. Mozambique garages have attendants who will do this for you. (On this note, there are also no self-service checkouts over there).
  3. The trees have no leaves on. The leaves do fall off many trees in Mozambique, but the new blossoms come at the same time so you don’t really see the trees looking as bare as here.


  1. People have landline phones. Most people I know there have a mobile phone but landlines never really developed, they just skipped those and went straight to mobiles.

So those are a few of the things that have struck me in the last few weeks after coming back from Mozambique. I’m sure there will be many more, and also many more that strike me as different again when I go back.