Help refugees from South Sudan right now

They’ve run. They’ve walked. They’ve crawled. They have survived. Now you can help.

The world will tell you that you can’t do anything to help South Sudan’s conflict survivors. But your giving and your prayers can truly transform lives. Please give today to support BMS World Mission’s work among the most vulnerable South Sudanese refugees in settlements in Uganda – and among the most marginalised and least evangelised people around the world.

Watch South Sudan's Conflict Survivors now:

The South Sudan crisis

The horror of what millions have faced in South Sudan is hard for most of us to imagine. Millions have had no choice but to flee South Sudan and hundreds of thousands have ended up in refugee settlements like Bidi Bidi in Uganda. And people with disabilities, pregnant mums and those who have slipped through the net of global relief responses face even more acute challenges. BMS is working with partners on the ground, helping South Sudanese refugees to support each other.

Help South Sudan's conflict survivors

You can help. By giving to BMS you can help people like those you met in South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors – and even more people like them around the world.

This conflict survivor is using one of the tools to work a crop of maize

You can help South Sudan’s refugees who are hungry right now. You can help to provide them with seeds and agricultural tools to grow their own food. You can pray for South Sudan. You can give, today.


can provide the seeds and tools
to give a family food for a year.

You can help South Sudanese refugees who are supporting neighbours with disabilities in their community — providing practical help and supporting them, while working with the South Sudanese Church to fight stigma and educate people about disability. You can help by praying for South Sudan and giving today.


can support a community disability helper for a month.

Survivors: one man holds the hand of another while a boy stands by a new wheelchair.
This conflict survivor is cradling her new born baby

You can help South Sudanese women who are pregnant to know when they need to seek medical assistance for conditions like pre-eclampsia. BMS supporters have already distributed hundreds of portable blood pressure monitors in the refugee settlements and trained refugee workers to use them. You can help them do more by supplying solar-powered batteries to keep the monitors charged. You can help. Pray for South Sudan and give, today.


can provide a solar battery bank to help save mums and babies' lives.

You can help South Sudanese refugees

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