Summer appeal 2016

River pastors training centre appeal

Hope in the jungle: embracing the Amazon

We believe that the Church is at the heart of transformation – that’s why we’re investing in Peru’s river pastors. It’s why we’re asking you to help us.

The Nauta Integral Mission Training Centre (NIMTC), run by BMS World Mission workers from the UK and from Peru, is the fulfilment of a dream of many river pastors to receive theological training and Christian support. It’s hope in the jungle.

And it’s a perfect example of mission – sharing the truth of the gospel while caring for whole communities. Pastors visiting the centre are not only trained in theology, they’re also equipped to help with the health and development of their own very rural villages, which are only accessible by boat. Over six one-week courses, alongside in-depth Bible study and prayer, they learn about agroforestry and how to care for the environment; they learn about budgeting; they learn basic health and hygiene skills – how to prevent illnesses and how to treat them.

And, what’s more, they grow in their relationship with the living God.

Watch this video to meet two of the people whose lives have been changed through the training centre and to see their baptisms in the Amazon.

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Many of the Christians training at NIMTC have been pastoring churches without support for years. They have felt discouraged and isolated. They have received no theological education, and many of them haven’t even had the opportunity to finish primary school. Their prayer has been for Christian community and for Bible training.

We want to see communities like these in the breathtaking Amazon region of Peru thrive, and the pastors we’re training can help make that happen. It doesn’t cost much to enable a pastor in Peru’s Amazon to train at NIMTC. Will you stand with us and invest in the future of the Church in the Peruvian rainforest today?

£15 could enable two pastors to travel to the NIMTC to attend a community-shaping training course

£35 could cover the costs of two pastors taking part in a week of theological training

£69 could cover the cost of one day of boat travel for BMS workers to visit remote Amazonian churches and invite pastors to the training

Being a pastor is tough – even in the most comfortable of circumstances. But for pastors in Peru’s Amazon who may not know any other Christian leaders, it is so much harder. Some live a ten-hour boat ride away from the nearest town, they have to work full-time as a farmer or as a fisherman in order to survive, and have never had any training.


Your gift could enable the team at NIMTC to reach new villages, further along the river, and invite more pastors to the training courses. It could pay for an isolated pastor to get on a boat and come to the centre. Your gift could be the first step towards a transformed community – with less sickness, more sustainable food and a thriving church.

Your gift can change lives.
Please give generously.

Thank you.

If the funds received exceed the amount that can be used for this project, any additional funds will be used to support other life-transforming church mission projects.