Harvest appeal 2018

Life's First Cry

The hidden struggle of mothers and babies in Afghanistan

One in ten babies born in Afghanistan will die before their first birthday. By giving to BMS World Mission, you can help keep mothers and babies alive.

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Thousands of mothers and babies in Afghanistan struggle to survive childbirth. We believe their stories need to be told. By using Life’s First Cry in your church, sharing it on social media and donating to our appeal, you can help us to transform lives for mums, dads and babies in Afghanistan. You can help us to be good news to people around the world.

We asked families to watch Life’s First Cry. Here’s how they reacted to the video.

Proud mum and grandmothers watch over 12-day-old Ummed, in their home in a village in Afghanistan's mountains.
Drone shot of a village in Afghanistan. You can see the snow-capped mountains in the background.
Four-month-old Navid yawns in his mother's arms in his home in Afghanistan

You will find all the resources you need to hold your Life’s First Cry harvest service or event at the bottom of this webpage. In the Leader’s guide, there are some great ideas to help you and your church fundraise too!

Please do spread the word about Life’s First Cry and help us save lives in some of Afghanistan’s most remote villages, and bring hope to people around the world. Together, we can do amazing things in Jesus’ name.

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