Harvest 2019

How your church can help

South Sudan's conflict survivors

Host a quiz. Preach a sermon. Take a special offering.

Get your church to take a special Sunday offering

There are so many ways your church can help South Sudan’s conflict survivors —
at harvest or at any time of year.

Watch South Sudan's Conflict Survivors now

You and your church probably know something of the horrific conflict in South Sudan and the millions of refugees who fled the violence. But did you know that South Sudanese Christians are helping their neighbours in refugee camps right now? And did you know that you can support them as a fellowship?

What is South Sudan's Conflict Survivors?

South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors is a resource to help churches pray and give to help refugees from South Sudan living in Uganda – and, in the process, to help the most marginalised and least evangelised around the world. BMS World Mission has produced South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors to let UK Christians know that there is something they can do to help, and to make sure the suffering of South Sudanese refugees is not forgotten.
In the video, you will meet the refugees suffering from malnourishment and struggling with disability in a harsh climate, as well as those trying to have a healthy pregnancy in a refugee settlement. You’ll also meet the South Sudanese and UK Christians who are making a difference on the ground, right now.

South Sudan's Conflict Survivors DVD featuring a group of boys high-fiving

When should my church use
South Sudan's Conflict Survivors?

Any time! South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors features agricultural work as well as work with people with disabilities and health ministries, with more than enough of a focus on food and growing crops to fit into a traditional harvest service. But South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors will move and inspire your church regardless of the time of year.
While there is need in the world, and while there are people who still need to know the good news of Jesus, BMS will have work to do. Your church can always play a bigger part in that work of God. And South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors is a great way to inspire them to do just that.

How your church can help South Sudan's refugees

South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors is a Christian fundraising video, available for download and to order as a DVD below.

It also features helpful resources for churches, including:

  • A PowerPoint quiz to inform your church during a service
  • A leader’s guide full of ideas for inspiring your fellowship to pray and give, as well as a sermon outline, fundraising ideas, all-age service resources and advice on how to get the most out of South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors
  • A reflection video, focusing on a short passage from Matthew 25, featuring some of the South Sudanese refugees BMS is supporting in their work in the camps
  • Posters to promote and inspire
  • Gift envelopes, remittance slips and collection jar labels to help raise much-needed financial support for BMS World Mission’s work among South Sudan’s refugees and around the world.

All the resources you could possibly need to run a service, harvest supper or fundraising bash are included below, and many of them are available on the DVD, which your church is likely to have received.

If you want to do one thing about the suffering in the South Sudan conflict, get your church to dedicate one special Sunday offering to South Sudan’s Conflict Survivors.

You really will be helping to transform lives.

Inspired already? Why not give now?

Every donation helps.

This conflict survivor is using one of the tools to work a crop of maize
Your church can help South Sudan's conflict survivors grow their own food

That’s why we want as many churches as possible to show this video and take up a special offering for BMS work in Ugandan refugee camps and around the world.

Please use these helpful resources to do what you can to help.