BUW Timothy Richard Appeal

Syrian refugee children have lost everything

You can help them go back to school

and give them hope for the future.

In 2019, the Baptist Union of Wales will be commemorating the centenary of the death of one of our greatest missionaries – Timothy Richard. Celebrate Richard’s legacy and carry on his pioneering mission work by supporting BMS World Mission’s life-changing work with Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

Help more children find the future they thought lost by funding a learning centre for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon.

There are one and a half million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and the education system is too stretched to accommodate the huge number of children needing a place in school. The aim of this appeal by the Baptist Union of Wales, in partnership with BMS, is to help expand this work further, to reach more children with the simple but life-transforming gift of education.

Donia fled to Lebanon from Syria with her two young daughters, aged two and five years old. “Our town was surrounded by mountains and those mountains saw a lot of war. It was a dangerous place to be,” says Donia.

When her eldest daughter, Ali, turned six, Donia tried to get her a place in school. But no-one would take her. Having fled their home, friends, and country, Donia was watching her daughter’s future slip away too.

A girl looks up from her school desk, surrounded by classmates.
Syrian refugee children are desperate to join classes like these. You can help them.

Hope for the future

Two years ago, Ali was given a place at the BMS-supported learning centre, and she’s thrived. “Ali didn’t have any friends or family in Lebanon and was hurt by what she saw in Syria,” says Donia. “Now, she has friends at school and is getting a good education. She even teaches her younger sister what she is learning.”

Children like Ali have been through more trauma than most of us can possibly imagine. And they deserve a chance. We know that you believe that as much as we do. Please give generously to support the Timothy Richard Appeal for Syrian children in Lebanon. You can help protect more children’s futures. You can restore hope.

A Syrian family smiling in the doorway of their accommodation
Be one of the Christians helping families like these

Ali was hurt by what she saw in Syria. Now, she has friends at school and is getting a good education.

Help transform lives today

With your help, we can expand the work further, to reach more children with the simple, but absolutely life-transforming gift of education. We, as the Baptist Union of Wales, can help Ali and her classmates by funding teachers, rent for the classrooms, free transport for the children, healthy snacks and maintenance costs to run the centre.

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