Can you see me?

Help save children from a lifetime of begging

She begs on the street every day.
She’s five years old, and she thinks she’ll do this forever.

Her parents never went to school, so they have no plans to send her. She lives in a house made of discarded doors.
She has no running water. No electricity. She’s Romani Egyptian. She lives in Europe. This is 2019, and she deserves better.

You can change her life

Invisible. That’s how she feels. That’s how a lot of those living in Kafja e Rremes, on the edge of Albania’s capital city, feel. Some people call the area ‘the armpit of Tirana’. Romani Egyptian and white Albanian families live side by side and hate each other.
The only thing that unites everyone is their poverty.

The small girl in the first image is now entering the glass doors of the Tek Ura Centre, welcomed and looking less invisible.

Show them you see them

No-one in Albania wants to go to Kafja e Rremes. No-one, that is, except a commited team of BMS World Mission Workers.
And you can go with them.

You can change a little girl’s life. You can give her a parent and preschool group that will help keep her off the street. You can come alongside her mum, giving her one-to-one literacy classes that demonstrate how good school could be for her daughter. You can help get electricity for her house, so that once she’s in school she can see to do her homework. And you can give her family the opportunity to meet Jesus.

Please give today

This isn’t just one little girl’s story. Almost everyone in Kafja e Rremes understands prejudice, rejection and poverty. The world has called them unlovable, but we know God has called them beloved.

Your gift will support a small army of life-transformers serving them and sharing God’s love today.

BMS is working through a partnership of British and local workers with a mission to share God’s love and change lives in Albania. Please give today to help precious people access the things everyone deserves – education, water, food, friendship, community, and a chance to meet Jesus.

How you can help change lives in Albania
  • £11 can help provide a day’s education to illiterate children and adults begging in Kafja e Rremes
  • £50 can provide the skills of a physiotherapist to the hurting and those with disabilities
  • £198 can keep the community centre open for a week