An ode to green tea soup

For Dave, who survived

As a green shoot mission trainee
I learnt the lessons of hospitality
Whatever they cook, whatever they bake,
gulp it down quickly, don't hesitate. 

So I ate what they gave me,
I did my true best 
Things exotic and common 
I've eaten with zest 

Seaweed and curries, 
Chilli with cheese 
I've even had seconds, 
Yes sir, please 

Alpacas, piranhas 
Pigs ears and tail 
I ate with a smile 
I sure did not fail  

Fish that was raw 
Or cooked greasy with chips 
There was not a food 
which failed to pass my lips 

Until in Lima 
In Late January 
I was slain and vanquished 
By the soup of green tea 

Turgid, immobile, 
with veggies that sank
I even failed to say grace 
My whole mind went blank 

So when I am arrogant 
And lack humility 
Just please remind me 
Of the soup of green tea 

Lord I'll serve you in the cities 
Jungle, mountains and sea 
Just please never ask me 
To eat the soup of green tea.