Environmental policy

As a Christian mission organisation, we believe it is our responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation, to value and respect the world around us, and to be advocates of sound environmental practices.

We aim to:

• Regularly assess and improve our environmental performance
• Set achievable environmental targets and goals
• Use environmentally safe and sustainable energy sources
• Seek better ways to reduce and conserve resources
• Utilise cost and environmentally effective transportation methods
• Consider the environmental impact of production
• Promote and model a responsible corporate and personal lifestyle

To achieve these aims we will:

• Work with suppliers to ensure they recognise their environmental impact and seek to partner with those who adopt sound practices
• Make every effort to recycle and reuse materials, and to minimise waste
• Dispose of any created waste through safe and responsible means
• Source greener/renewable energy for our central office locations
• Promote car sharing and public transport usage
• Reduce air travel to a responsible minimum and establish a carbon-offset facility
• Use travel alternatives such as video-conferencing
• Encourage staff and supporters to adopt a more environmentally friendly way of daily living
• Effectively communicate this policy and subsequent information to trustees, staff, personnel and supporters

March 2008