A week in the life of missionary Ted

Ted was comissioned at Amersham Free Church in 2016 and joined us as a missionary here in Mozambique. So we would like to share with you what Ted got up to this past week. See if you can spot him in all the photos.

On Tuesday, Ted spent some time at the beach getting to know our new team member, Jane Edwards, who is a lawyer and has come to work with AMAC (Christian Lawyers Fellowship). She lives in a house on the same compound as us and Ted. It took a while to get all the sand out of Ted’s hair!

Wednesday was a busy day when Ted got to visit a PEPE and play with some children. He loved all the cuddles.

On Thursday, Ted stayed home so he could send some emails.

Ted went back to school with Sergio on Friday. He was participating in a talk on trust with the older teenagers. He was a bit scared to begin with but then made loads of friends.

Saturday was the day that Ted helped to make a cake for the Church family party the following day. He was very good at keeping the flies off the food.

On Sunday, Ted had a great time at Church. We also had a special lunch after the service. Can you spot Ted in the photo? He was resting a little during lunch as the service was 4 hours long!







Monday was missionary Ted’s day off so he had a rest and enjoyed some fresh pineapple juice!

Ted hopes you enjoyed learning a bit about his life here in Mozambique. May God bless your week as you bless others.