A sense of belonging

We have had some discouragements in the last few months, particularly related to the ongoing visa issues. However, God is good and sometimes there are moments that remind us we are in the right place.

We still P_20180512_170152try to go to at least one Nepali language class each per week. Recently for each of us, as we have said that we are off to class has come the response “Why, you already speak good Nepali”. Whilst we don’t think our language teacher would agree given how many things we still need to learn from her, it is encouraging to be told this.

Also, there have been a few social settings where people have observed what we chose to eat and have said words to the effect of, “most foreigners don’t like our spicy food but you’re choosing it! Ah, but you’re at least 50% Nepali now aren’t you!”

And just after Easter we were asked to become committed members of our church. “You are very involved and part of the family now, so you should fill in the form”. We were officially welcomed in along with a number of Nepali friends, in May.


It’s nice to feel we are welcome here and at least beginning to feel like a local in some things!