A medical campaign in Piura



Regiane was back in Piura for the first weekend of June, to help organize a medical campaign at Mount Sullon. While there have been quite a few medical campaigns in Piura these have normally been done by American doctors bringing medicine from the USA. This time round churches were carrying out the campaign with their own resources, using local doctors.

As Regiane arrived in Piura, hoping the house would survive a weekend of Daniel, Ana and Peggy left to their own devices, she was surprised by news that the original doctors had cancelled their commitment. Fortunately two other doctors agreed to fill in for the afternoon, meaning that the Saturday morning was spent buying medicines and equipment for the campaign.

The campaign itself was very well attended, many families participated and it had a significant impact on the community. Sunday involved preaching in the morning service at one church and the evening service at another. Finally, she arrived back home on Monday to find the house in a perfect, pristine state, there being no bias whatsoever in the reporting of this fact.

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