A fresh perspective

During August my parents came out to visit me here. Naturally for their first visit, I was showing them my new home and parts of my life here such as work and church.

Revisiting certain places and generally taking them around town has allowed me to see the city from a new perspective. With fresh eyes. Reminding me of how I felt when I first came here and the things that seemed so strange to me but have now just become normal. Reminding me of the hours that other people have put in showing me how to do life here in Mozambique and the sights of Beira.

I have felt amazingly blessed by people I know here welcoming them. My colleagues at work. My church, who on their last service gave them capulanas and prayed for them.

On my return to work there had been a change in the office. Our legal education assistant left us to pursue a masters in Brazil. Whilst we knew he was leaving the timing was much sooner than we thought. Added to this we do not yet have a definite new legal assistant (to give the legal advice and handle cases) to replace the one who left a couple of months ago. AMAC is continuing in the meantime, but of course we cannot do as much with fewer staff.

On a more positive note, though, we had a fellowship for members of AMAC in Beira on Saturday. Both this month and last month have seen good numbers (last month’s was the largest since we moved offices in February) and have been mainly consisting of those who’ve been before. So thank you for your prayers on that point.

I am now in the final stage of writing up my research on land rights and, for when this is finished, looking forward to the next steps and challenges of working here in Mozambique.