A few photos

My brother gave me a smart phone over the Summer, nothing super fancy, but I’ve been carrying it around and taking a few photos as I go. So, here’s a selection of shots of life as captured in the last few months.

A boy and his monkey live down the street


Hanging out after church


Wendy reading books with the neighbours on the balcony











My favourites walking in the hills


The fields being ploughed, even through the centre of town


The main street where we do our shopping


The local garbage tractor taking the rubbish to the dump


Dashain Festival meant the fattened goats at our house were given the chop (view from our balcony)


And at Tihar the oil lamps were lit on the stairways


The rainy seasons helped the fields grow


And adorned our town with some beautiful rainbows


And the dry season (Winter) has adorned us with much dust


A traffic jam on the way to a remote school (the driver must have been a Buddhist)


Sometimes we walk to the schools under our umbrellas to keep the sun off


Line-up assembly before school begins


Students reading the books donated through KISC EQUIP


A teacher explaining some of the harder words from an English poem


The vast array of speakers adorned in their scarves and malas, (myself included) at a school celebration day


And finally,

Found a restaurant showing a Crystal Palace Game!