6 days in a truck…

Last week I, Sergio, and some pastors here from Beira were in the district of Buzi. To give you a background, Buzi was one of the places most affected by the Cyclone Idai, besides the winds of more than 200Km per hour, it was also hit by heavy rains for days and the river broke its banks and several houses were covered by  waters. We were with the pastor of the Buzi Baptist Church and some brothers and we heard stories that shocked us and showed how these brothers suffered, but kept their faith and hope, and how their courage encourages and confronts us to fix our eyes on Christ.Cyclone+Idai+Overview+March+2019_1

Brother Joao (a fictitious name) told me that when the water began to rise, he, his wife and son decided to leave the house and look for a place of refuge, the only place that the water had not yet entered was in the Catholic church. They sat on the bench, but after some time the water started to come in and they sat on the back of the seat, but the water kept rising so they decided to leave the church and seek shelter elsewhere.


Then walking in the dark of the night, they found a truck that had been abandoned for years and they climbed in the back of the truck, and they stayed for 6 days, having the minimum to eat and no toilet to use …

___ I asked, but how did you cook? And where did you find food? he told me that when they were leaving home his wife decided to take some rice, charcoal and other things, and near the truck there were some other families that were on the roof of a house and had a small charcoal stove, so they lent the stove to brother Joao to cook. Six days they were in the rain and waiting in hope that someone would come help them or that the waters would go down.

We had the opportunity to take food, clothes and also Bibles to them. To be able to listen to these brothers and to collaborate in being able to help in some way from what they have been through and are going through was an opportunity from God.

Please pray for the people of Buzi, a people that have suffered greatly, that they can find peace and consolation from Christ.