4 Years…


It is not only the World Cup that happened 4 years ago, but we have also completed 4 years that we are here in Mozambique and many things have changed – 3 became 4! God in his infinite goodness granted us a wonderful son. My job was with the youth department, now it’s in the area of theological training for Mozambique missionaries; more than 90% of local leaders never had the opportunity to have theological training or go to Bible school, so the training that I have been involved in setting up and leading has given the opportunity to develop in Biblical knowledge.


This year we had 3 leaders doing the training program who were met by the pastoral council and were approved to become local pastors. I also had the opportunity to be involved in chaplaincy in a secondary school, giving weekly Christian talks to more than 200 young people, I am also teaching at the Instituto Teologico Batista. I and Liz are also responsible for the Action Team and for other teams that come to Mozambique. Liz is well involved with the work of Pepe (Preschool Program) and teaching about child protection. Liz is also currently in France doing a play therapy course which will enable her to help in the development and transformation of the child. We do not know how much time we have here, but we always want to be led by the Lord …


The most difficult thing in missions is to make friends, and when we make these friends, we have to see them go, returning to their countries of origin or going to another country. being in missions can be very lonely. another challenge of being in missions is not to be close to your family, and to me that I am Brazilian, family are all, aunt, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, grandparents, even father-in-law and mother-in-law. share with them every good and difficult moment, see their nephews grow up, uncles become part of children’s lives and routines. But we also learn a lot by living in another culture, the way we see and appreciate the simple moments in life and also learn to be grateful to God for everything, see our children love and respect diversity.

The challenge continues, until He comes.