10th Anniversary

Nope, it’s not our 10th Wedding anniversary (we’re at 5 years only – Wood as opposed to Tin) Nor is it the 10th anniversary of moving to Nepal – we’re approaching 8 on that count (which incidentally is celebrated with Bronze, which sounds significantly better than Tin.)

Instead the celebrations have been for KISC EQUIP, the organisation that we work with. KISC EQUIP was born out of a desire to share the rich resources of KISC (the international mission school in Kathmandu) with less well equipped rural Nepali schools. It has been a journey motivated by the love and faith of those involved throughout the years. Through EQUIP’s ten-year program hundreds of students have received scholarships, and teachers have received training.

To celebrate, KISC EQUIP threw a party and invited the whole-school assembly to celebrate with games and cookies. We also created a newsletter, and video in which you can see the testimonies of various people involved in establishing EQUIP and members of school communities that it has worked with.

EQUIP Newsletter October 2017

Having previously taught the international students at KISC and then moved to join EQUIP, we have had the privilege of working with both sides of the organisation. Though they are necessarily different, we are fans of both, and always enjoy it when the two worlds meet.

Recently, twelve students from KISC came out to join us in the beautiful valleys of Lamjung.  We knew ten of them when they were much smaller and it was fun for us to catch up with them and to get to know them in their older, wiser state.

The students came (by their own choice) during their school holiday as part of the annual KISC Service Trip – a student-led volunteer project which travels to different parts of Nepal to support existing ministries. This year, the students painted classrooms in a nearby EQUIP partner government school, picked up trash in the hospital grounds, and ran games and activity programs for local kids.

Below are some photos of the classroom transformations in the Government school. In the last photo there is a tent which serves as a temporary classroom while the school buildings are being renovated after the 2015 earthquake. We didn’t paint inside that though.

We were part of the very first student service trip in 2013, when we traveled to the Far West of Nepal, and we are grateful to still be a part of this project. It is a blessing to the students involved and those they interact with.