Helping children at risk in Sri Lanka floods
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The worst flooding in Sri Lanka for over a decade started with unusually heavy rains towards the end of May. Some areas have already recorded 600mm of severe monsoon rain, and the rains are expected to continue into June.     Over a hundred people have been reported as missing following the floods, and 180 people have tragically lost their lives. The situation for those who have lost their homes (well over 100,000 people so far) is desperate. And for children in this situation it is even worse.    The trauma of such a disaster is often in danger of being made far worse by leaving children in a perilously vulnerable state and open to abuse. BMS long-term partners in Sri Lanka have many years’ experience in disaster recovery, and are already responding to the immediate needs of people affected by the floods. Through them, BMS will be supporting £10,000 worth of child protection and psychosocial activities to support children at risk or in need of immediate intervention.      Our partners in Sri Lanka have two decades of experience in advocating for child rights and are currently partnering with the likes of BMS, Oxfam and UNICEF in providing support and relief.    Child safety should always be a priority, and in disaster situations it can too often be forgotten. But thanks to your giving to BMS disaster recovery work and BMS’ established relationships with trusted partners on the ground, many children in Sri Lanka will stand a better chance of rebuilding their lives after the waters recede.    Thank you for supporting our work – you are playing an integral part in our mission of transforming lives around the world.    To give now to help us support those in need right now in Sri Lanka – and those who may need your help tomorrow around the world – make a donation to BMS relief ministries.    01/06/2017
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