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The Roaming African

Posted by Dave and Michele Mahon at 18:33 on 21st September 2016

The Roaming African

I once had a vision.  This is what I saw – people from a different country arising out of a fountain, calling me to help them.  Later God led me to Acts 15:8-10, where Paul saw in a vision, a man from Macedonia.  This experience was so significant that it put in me a longing to serve God abroad in mission, and led me to end my university course and embark on a youth ministry degree with Oasis.  I shared my vision with my husband and he got excited about the opportunity to serve God abroad; however discerning the right time was the next hurdle.  Now?  In 2 years?  In 5 years?  We decided to keep praying about this and watching to see what God would do.

I was born in Nigeria but always enjoyed travelling.  My mum is American and so I guess that’s where it came from.  We moved to the UK when I was 19 and during my further studies at Kingston University I went on a gap year to USA.  Whilst I was there I got involved with a wonderful campus ministry that took us on a summer retreat.  It was here that I received my call into mission, hence the vision experience.

Dave went on to study at Spurgeons and after he finished his studies, God led us to embark on the missionary journey after our first pastorate.  And so here we are.  After 4 years at Brockley Baptist we felt God leading us and our three children into overseas mission.

The training here at IMC is familiar yet new.  I have previously interacted with many of the theological and practical principles we are looking at, but not with a view to using it overseas.  The practical aspects of the course are fresh and new to me.

The community are very kind and friendly and especially have welcomed my kids which has made this experience so unique.  BMS from our first interaction with them, pushing doors, have been amazing, kind, helpful and very informative!  It has also been a busy time, putting the needs of the family first, but placing everything into perspective, the bigger picture, even though it’s not finished yet, is pretty amazing!



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