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Pray for Egypt

Posted by bms_prayer at 12:16 on 2nd February 2011

For more than a week now, hundreds of thousands of people in Egypt have taken to the streets to protest against the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.


There has been violent stand-offs between police and protestors, with reports of 300 people killed.


Overnight curfews have been in place and internet services have been cut temporarily by the government.


Although the focus has been on the capital, Cairo, street protests have occurred in other major Egyptian cities. 


BMS partner SAT-7, a Christian satellite television station which broadcasts to the Middle East and North Africa, has an office and studio in Cairo. (Photo credit: Ahmad Hammoud)


This has been closed during this crisis, with four security officers staying there day and night, sleeping in shifts to protect the building.


SAT-7 CEO Terence Ascott writes on its website: “The SAT-7 security personnel report that the neighbourhood [where the office is situated] has really gathered together in an atmosphere of solidarity and civic pride, which transcends religious affiliation. The neighbours say they truly appreciate that SAT-7 has 24-hour security officers.


“Most of our staff in Egypt are staying at home and only coming out when the curfew is lifted to buy food and other necessary supplies. They tell us that the city is rationing water so people are also being careful how they use that precious resource in their homes.


“Because the internet has been down, we have not been able to transmit any live shows from within the country.  But we are broadcasting (from Nicosia) a crawl that runs continually across the bottom of the screen urging prayer for the situation in Egypt. 


“And we are hoping to put together a series of special live programmes from Lebanon that will include calls with prominent Christian leaders living in Egypt to discuss the situation on-air.


“While no one knows for certain, the vast majority of Egyptians are hopeful that positive change will result from the current unrest.  Egyptians want change and want a government that is more responsive to their needs and aspirations.”


Terence asks us to pray for the situation in Egypt. “Please join with us as we pray that God will give wisdom to President Mubarak and his advisors, that they will treat their citizens with dignity and respect, and that greater loss of life will be avoided. 


“Pray that Egypt will move into a more positive tomorrow: one that includes greater freedoms and justice for all its people – including the eight to ten million Egyptians who are disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.”



For more, see the SAT-7 website.


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