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It is finished…well almost!

Posted by Dave and Michele Mahon at 19:29 on 17th April 2017

I am writing this post seated here in the library at the International Mission Centre. As I reflect on this month, I can truly say a lot has happened. I can confirm, our formal training has now been completed. Thankfully both Michele and I have passed. The last week of was a break from the normal rhythm of formal training. The week gave us the opportunity as a team to spend time reflecting and preparing spiritually for the journey ahead. Each activity challenged me in different ways, everything from walking and praying in the woods to Irish dancing!

There was a specific morning which was extremely tedious for me. Our task was to make a book cover out of cardboard. In the middle of the task, I found myself extremely frustrated, holding a needle in one hand and thread in the other. Surrounded by a group of ladies who were enjoying the moment, I felt like giving up. To me it was now a pointless exercise, thinking it would be better to buy the book cover online rather than go through all this fuss! As a reflect on my feelings to these tasks, I am going to have to be more patient. Opportunities and choices will be much more limited. We as a family will have to be more creative.



The week concluded with a final service (April 7th) were we all received prayers, encouragement and our certificates. The staff both teachers and domestic are so amazing. We feel honoured to know them and have been enriched by each in a different way.

Our kids are enjoying the preparations for Peru. Jonathan is asking lots of questions about the country and who will be there. Both Jonathan and Ruth are enjoying school especially during this season of Easter. Phoebe will be two next month, she is managing to keep up with the activity of her other brother and sister.


Our Easter holiday was a mixture of rest, visits to family and churches. We would like to say thank you to the following churches for their warm welcome and kindness to our family.

Kings Cross Baptist Church

East Plumstead Baptist Church

Sidcup Baptist, our new link church invited us to their Good Friday Mission breakfast. Apart from hearing from fellow BMS missionaries from the Netherlands, we also met with church members who were missionaries back in the 1980’s. Our fellowship continued as we gathered for worship again on Easter Sunday. We thank God for the many churches who are praying and supporting us.

Although we have finished our training, we still have some time here in the UK before we go. Whilst Jonathan is in school we will be starting our Spanish language here next week. Your prayers would be appreciated as we prepare to say goodbyes well. Our departure date is now confirmed for August 1st, leaving us 14 weeks to go.

Happy Easter!


Dave Mahon




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