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Images: The rise of Islam

Posted by Mission Catalyst at 12:37 on 5th December 2011

The images here relate to the issue of Mission Catalyst themed 'The rise of Islam'.


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"Those who colonise, subjugate and kill while claiming to be Christian usually manage to justify their behaviour from the Bible. Conversely, those Muslims who argue against the legitimacy of acts of terror also manage to do so on the basis of the Qur’an and the traditions of Islam." Martin Accad


"We are challenged in Europe to explore more deeply what authentic Christian mission means in respect to our Muslim neighbours. To do this we need to overcome the old divide between ‘dialogue’ and ‘mission’; to understand that effective dialogue which builds understanding and trust will always at some point include the sharing of those things which are deepest to us, including our faith, the outcome of which only God knows." Tony Peck


"By all means let us speak gospel truth into contexts of oppression and violence, let us speak of just peacemaking and liberation in the name of Jesus. But let us do it honestly, knowing it is our story too. Let us do it first to ourselves, not in condemnatory spirit but as one beggar showing another where to find bread." Ruth Gouldbourne


"What is it we expect when we look at women from the Muslim community in their veils or hijabs and beautiful, colourful clothing? What do we perceive their situation to be? Do we have misconceptions about them and their faith? Are we ready to relate to them as Jesus did with the woman of Samaria or are we just curious onlookers, baffled and afraid of difference?" Hannah Shah (Photo: Gary Knight)


Photo: Otabi Kitahachi


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