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When the medicine failed, these Christians used the only thing they had left

One Chadian man’s violent fits were healed by the ceaseless prayers of the Guinebor II Hospital staff.

Malc White and pastor praying for patient

Bousanna Barnabus probably did not expect to be healed with prayer when he came to the BMS World Mission supported hospital, Guinebor II (G2), located outside of N'Djamena, Chad. After four days of continuous epileptic fits, Bousanna’s family brought the semi-conscious 25-year-old man to the hospital for treatment. 

The constant attacks left him mentally and physically exhausted and very afraid. The G2 staff, BMS nurse trainer Sue White among them, did what they could to keep him comfortable and soothe his fears, but the hospital did not have the supplies they needed to put him into a medically induced coma. 
Guinebor II Hospital sign
Three drugs were used to keep him from getting worse: diazepam to stop the fits whenever they occurred, phenobarbital to keep them from coming back and an antibiotic to clear up any infection that could have caused the seizures. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Bousanna’s next six days were filled with regular episodes. 
Ten days of attacks left Bousanna worn out and the hospital with no alternative treatments. “When the fits stopped and he became distressed and agitated I felt so helpless,” says Sue.
Over the next 24 hours he screamed as if in fear. “The noise was awful,” says Sue. “And I am sure it was distressing for the other patients on the ward as well as his family. It made you feel helpless as there seemed that there was nothing we could physically do.”  
G2 staff praying before entering the ward
Bousanna had one moment of clarity and he used it to ask for prayer. “We always pray for and with our patients,” says Sue. “But when he asked for prayer it felt as if something amazing was happening. And it did.”  
He had his first drink of water the next morning. He was calm and able to speak, although still weak from the ten days of illness. Two days later, he was walking. “We were preparing for the worst,” says Sue. “We had run out of medical options but this young man was able to return home to his family.”
As Christians, we know that prayer is a powerful thing. We ask for safety, healing, wisdom and more, knowing that God will provide what we need at precisely the right time. It is hard to comprehend why sometimes our prayers seem not to be answered – or we seem to get an answer we don’t want. But in Bousanna’s case this is exactly what happened, and we give thanks. 
Hospital bedPray for the doctors, nurses and staff at Guinebor II Hospital in Chad as they provide medical care for the community. Pray for Bousanna and his family, that this experience will have touched his heart and those of the family members present. 
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