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Update: Someone no one wants

An update on the young transvestite boy whom BMS partner NightLight have been helping

Read part one and part two of Ayumi’s moving story involving transvestitism, abuse and homelessness. A situation that appeared to be hopeless was transformed by the power of Jesus Christ, working through NightLight.


A NightLight worker tells us:


At the end of October the NightLight church enjoyed an incredible retreat. Ayumi – the young cross-dresser who we have worked with – came on our church retreat along with his mother. Whilst there, they both accepted Christ!


Since then we have seen some great developments in their lives. Ayumi's mother, in an attempt to help Ayumi, had tried every ritual that she could with various gods. These days, she says, she walks past the shrines on the street declaring she does not need them as she now knows the one true and living God.


Since the retreat Ayumi and his mother have also been led through some reconciliation steps and Ayumi himself decided to return home and live with his parents.


This shows us all that the power of Christ to transform lives and hopeless situations is working today, just as it was when Christ himself was on earth. This story has shown us that, when we come to the end of human solutions, often God is only just beginning!


*Name has been changed

Please pray for Ayumi, his family and the life-transforming work of NightLight. If you would like to financially support the work of BMS, in situations such as that of Ayumi, click here

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