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Ten amazing things you didn’t know were in Afghanistan

There is so much more to Afghanistan than what you see on the news.

Afghanistan is not all desert heat, bombs and anger. There are happy children, delicious street foods and beautiful scenery. Here are ten things you probably did not know you could find in Afghanistan. All of the photos below were taken by BMS workers.


1 Sunrise

Have you ever seen mountains set aflame by the rising sun? No? Well it happens here.



2 Rolling hills and copper mountains

Are there rolling hills where you come from? Probably. But are they topped with a sea of wildflowers and dotted with poppies? What about majestic mountains the colour of copper? Probably not.



3 Naan

How does a Naan parade float sound to you?

A)    Delicious
B)    Mouth-watering
C)    Something that should be part of daily life
D)    All of the above

If your answer is D, all of the above, then this one is for you.

Naan parade float


4 Environmentally friendly ice cream

If you worry about the environment but also like ice cream then this young man’s business is for you. Instead of a motorised vehicle, he cycles around town selling these frosty packages of joy on hot days.


5 Snow days

For those who were not aware, it does snow in Afghanistan. A lot. So if you like snow days, snowball fights or the feeling of being the only person in the world, take a stroll through the rolling hills and bask in nature’s chilling beauty.


6 Kites

Have you seen or read the Kite Runner? This will bring back some of the more pleasant moments from the story.


7 Amazing colours

Have you ever wished the average tour guide wore a more exciting uniform? Well these guides from the Bagh-e Babur (Gardens of Babur) do. What about a more colourful and exciting wardrobe? Channel this musician’s dress and beads.



8 Historic sites

The Bamiyan Cliffs are a UNESCO protected site, with the remnants of Buddhist monasteries carved into the base and the empty space where a large Buddhist statue once stood.

Bamiyan Cliffs and space where Buddhist statue once stood


9 Picturesque scenes

Do you like traveling to places that appear untouched by humans? Do you enjoy brisk walks or moderate hikes? You could visit this beauty in Bend-e-Amir National Park and soak in the natural splendour.

Lake in Bend-e-Amir


10 Incredibly stunning architecture

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is difficult to deny the beauty of Mosques. The colours and patterns are not commonly found in other faiths’ buildings and should be appreciated. There is just something breathtaking about houses of worship. You can feel the love and devotion that went into the laying of each brick.

Blue MosqueMosque with golden archway

Beauty is everywhere. It lives in every culture, religion, slowflake and grain of sand. Finding and understanding it are the keys. However, “there are great opportunities there to transform lives,” says Team Leader for Programmes, Graeme Riddell. “There are opportunities for a hopeful future in Afghanistan despite uncertainty surrounding the 2014 elections and the troops’ departure. We see it as imperative that we be there at this historical moment as we continue working towards the country’s future development.”


Interested in serving in Afghanistan or know anyone who is? We are looking for people, individuals and families with or without children, trained in:

•    Teaching – general studies for expatriate children, TEFL, literacy or management skills

•    Medicine – primary care, mental health specialist, pre-natal care

•    Rural development – water and sanitary management

•    Administrative skills

If this sounds like you or someone you know, why not check out the fill list of current opportunities and apply?





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