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Quality care until the very end

BMS World Mission worker Judy Cook shares the story of an exceptional child at Hope Home in northern Thailand.

Bumrot is a nine year-old boy with severe cerebral palsy and many other health related problems.


He is the star of the BMS DVD, Inspiring Smiles, which promotes the work of the Birthday Scheme – a campaign that supports the health work of BMS and partner organisations across the world.


Bumrot has a mother who loves him dearly. But raising a disabled child is hard enough, and doing it single-handedly whilst needing to work as a day labourer in order to have enough money to live proved to be too much.


When Hope Home opened in October 2007, we were asked to take in this gorgeous smiling boy!


In the past five years we have seen Bumrot deteriorate physically, but grow emotionally and socially. He battles with scoliosis which is crippling his torso and stops him from being able to swallow food.


He also struggles to breathe and requires oxygen therapy and suctioning to clear his secretions. With all of these problems, he can no longer do many of the main tasks of living which we take for granted.

Bumrot celebrates his ninth birthday


However, his physical health does not stop him from enjoying life. He still smiles, still tries to give us a ‘high five’, still laughs when the eggs roll down the hill in Ice Age 3 and still giggles hysterically at the Teletubbies opening and shutting the door.


At this time he is in a very low state. His mother is spending as much time as she can with him. We currently have a team of occupational therapists volunteering from Australia who are making a foam made-to-measure chair for Bumrot so he can sit comfortably and watch the world contentedly.


Is this a waste of effort and time that could be better given to another child with the potential to do well? I don’t think so. Bumrot deserves the best care until the very end – he is a loved and cherished child of God.


When the time comes, which it inevitably will, we hope that his mother will have happy memories of knowing that her son was a loved and cherished part of a larger family. May we never forget that each child is precious to God, and that we should love them, no matter what the cost.


Hope Home does not do magical care – we just pour in all the love, understanding, patience and nurture that we can give to this precious boy. With God’s grace we trust that we are providing the best care for this young boy and his mother.


Please pray for all the children being cared for at Hope Home, and their families – especially at this time for Bumrot and his mother, that they may find comfort and peace.


Hope Home presently cares for seven residential children and provides respite care to families who are struggling to care for their own children with special needs.

We consider it to be a tremendous privilege to be able to serve families and motivate others to see the good and potential in each child, no matter how badly disfigured they are.


In order to help your church address issues of global injustice and improve on the inclusion of people with disabilities, BMS has just produced a resource called Undefeated that aims to inspire people to celebrate the faith and excellence of Paralympians and all people with disabilities.                       Order it now.




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