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No sweets, just smiles – a child’s generosity

For the second year in a row, a little girl’s sweet money will be helping the children of Hope Home in Thailand.

Jessica Wright of Laird St Baptist Church
How many of us are willing to give money to people we have never met or a cause we know only a little about? Well, when Jessica Wright, then seven years old, found out about the children at Hope Home in Thailand, that’s exactly what she did.
For the last two years, Jessica, a member of Laird St Baptist Church in Birkenhead has saved £1 a week and donated to BMS World Mission’s Hope Home through the Birthday Scheme. Why? Because one day in church, she watched the Hope Home Birthday Scheme video and what she saw there touched her heart. 
Each week, Jessica’s nan, Rose, gives her £3 so she can treat herself with something nice. “I don’t really like sweets,” says Jessica. “So I decided to give the money to Hope Home because they need it and I don’t.” 
Jessica is helping to make a difference in the lives of special needs orphans in Thailand. There the disabled are stigmatised and abandoned. If these children were placed in a big state run orphanage, the over stretched staff there would not be able to provide the necessary therapy and care. “They needed help,” says Jessica. “So I give them money to buy the medicine and everything that they need.”
Little girl from Hope Home at church
Jessica’s generosity is inspiring to all and shows no signs of stopping. When asked if she plans to continue saving and donating through the birthday scheme, her answer was a resounding “Yes.” 
So if you want to give but cannot think of a way to save up and do so, Jessica has a message for you. “If you don’t want sweets and you don’t like them, then give the money to people who are in need.”
From BMS, Judy Cook and her staff and the children of Hope 
Home, thank you Jessica for helping to keep the smiles on their faces. 

More information about the BMS Birthday Scheme and ways to join can be found on our website



Please pray for Judy Cook and Hope Home. Donating today can help support special needs children like these who have been abandoned by their families because of their disabilities. 



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