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From mistaken identity to ministry in India

A BMS World Mission supported partner worker went from prisoner to preacher and now he shares God’s light in Odisha, India.

A false accusation nearly ended Abhiram Digal’s life in 1999. Since becoming a BMS supported partner worker with Big Life Ministries in 2008, he has used his freedom to share his testimony with all those willing to listen.   
Abharim Digil, BMS supported partner workerAbhiram was born and raised in a Christian family in Gunjibadi village in the district of Kandhamal, Odisha (formerly Orissa), India. Although Christian, he says that he and his family “had no prayer life at all and lived a very compromised and mixed life style, just like any non-believer.” As he got older, Abhiram grew distant from his family and spent his time drinking, gambling and stealing. 
Then in 1997, Abhiram was falsely accused of rape and imprisoned for 17 months. Despite his “past behaviour and the intolerable sorrows” Abhiram says he brought on his family, his father still did everything he could to find money for his son’s bail. He even sold all of the family’s possessions. Sadly, bail was not granted and a year later his father died from the strain and sorrow. 
“I thought I was going to hang when my bail was denied,” says Abhiram. Many sleepless nights followed as fear for his life consumed his mind. Then he met a fellow inmate who happened to be a Christian. This prisoner listened to Abhiram’s story and encouraged him to have hope and to pray. Then the two fasted and prayed for ten days. 
Not long after this, Abhiram was called to court for his hearing. There, witnesses came forward and confirmed that he was not the rapist. It was a case of mistaken identity – since the guilty man’s name was also Abhiram Digal. 
Church in Odisha
In 1999 he was released, thanking God and praising him for saving him from death. “From that day onwards I confessed all my sins before Jesus and accepted him as my Lord and saviour,” says Abhiram. He started attending and getting involved in the church. Now Abhiram is a church planter with BMS in the Khandamal region of Odisha, a region that made headlines in 2008 for Christian persecution. “Now I am blessed by the Lord to proclaim his love to people who do not know Jesus,” he says. 
“I am always amazed and humbled by the way God uses us to minister to his children,” says Benjamin Francis, BMS Associate Team Leader for India who heads up Big Life. “He finds so many ways to draw us back to him even when we have lost our path. He spoke to Abhiram through a fellow inmate and now that Abhiram is a Christian he is sharing his testimony and ministering to those who may never have heard about God’s grace and mercy. God is good.” 
Please keep Abhiram in your prayers as he continues ministering and sharing his testimony in Odisha and donate today to support important ministries like this one.  

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