Transforming lives on four continents

Margaret Swires: the end of an era

After 28 years of service in South America, Margaret Swires’ time on the continent has come to an end.

Margaret Swires

At no point has Margaret Swires felt that following God’s call to serve in Brazil and Peru, with BMS World Mission, was a mistake. She left her mark on BMS projects as an effective leader, church planter and mission worker. Margaret dedicated a great portion of her time to the families within the communities she served and shared with them the hope and joy that comes with being one of Christ’s children. “God has given me a good 28 years,” she says.


One of the many lives touched by Margaret’s work is Antero’s. After Margaret transferred to Peru in 2005, she met a Christian woman and her non-Christian husband, Antero. Although he steered clear of the Bible studies held in his home, he was always listening. After they convinced him that the group was not only for women, he joined in. Sometime later, he gave his life to Christ. This home is where Margaret and her team started their first church in Lima, Peru.


Margaret and a  group of pastorsAlthough Antero is now in his late 60s and the church has moved to its own building, he is still very involved in its day to day activities. He arrives early in the morning to unlock the doors and stays late in the evenings to discourage those with bad intentions from disturbing the evening Bible studies or damaging the property.


Now Margaret faces another transition, re-adjusting to life in the UK. “I haven’t the faintest idea what God wants for me,” says Margaret. “At the moment I’m still trying to work out where I’m going and what I’m doing and how I fit back into British society.” After so many years living on another continent, in two separate countries, speaking different languages and only returning for a short home assignment every few years, her native culture is both familiar and foreign.



Scenery from PeruChrist has changed the lives of many in both Peru and Brazil through Margaret’s ministry. Families have repaired their bonds, churches have been planted and hope has been ignited. Margaret’s life has also transformed thanks to the incredible individuals she had the opportunity to work with. Though her heart is still in South America, she is looking forward to spending time with her parents and discovering what new adventures God has in store for her.


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Please pray for Margaret as she finishes her home assignment and readjusts to life in the UK. 
Pray for Anjanette and Scott Williamson, Gill Thurgood and Harland Rivas, Laura-Lee Lovering and Sarah McArthur, mission workers who remain in Peru.

Pray for Antero and the BMS projects serving as witnesses to their families and communities.




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