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Helping Nepal’s earthquake survivors

Our mission workers in Nepal are using their skills to help the injured and traumatised.

Digging people out of the rubble
Over 5,000 have died in Nepal according to the BBC and officials are waiting for this number to climb. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the country on Saturday has forced many out of their homes. During the chaos, BMS World Mission workers have been hard at work helping their Nepali neighbours through this disaster. 
Medical workers are essential in the aftermath of disasters like this, something BMS doctor Katrina Butterworth knows very well. “The hospital is heaving,” says Katrina. With the latest injury count at 8,000 this is to be expected. She thinks the hospital building will remain standing, but the patients there are understandably terrified of being inside it. “I’ve been seeing new patients near the front gate,” she says. Patan hospital treated 4,000 of the injured on Sunday morning and many more will come. 
This is just one way that BMS is working to alleviate the suffering caused by the earthquake. 
Disaster recovery
Disasters happen all the time. Some can be predicted or prepared for ahead of time. Others, like this earthquake, are sudden and leave widespread devastation in their wake. This is why we need your help. By donating to our Nepal Disaster Relief appeal you can help us get essential resources to the thousands of people who lost everything in the blink of an eye.
Nepal desperately needs your help, please give today.
Prayer points and updates can be found on our appeal page. If your church is planning to make a special offering for the Nepal earthquake appeal, your gifts will be worth 25 per cent more by using our Disaster Recovery Gift Aid envelopes
Photo credit: APBAid and NBCC

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