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Four reasons why BMS’ design team rocks

Often, no one sees the hours of work that are necessary to ensure BMS resources and events look the way they do. Here is a tribute to the dedicated team whose long hours, talent and meticulous work make what we do possible.

BMS Design Team along with other technical workers at the Baptist Assembly

A lot of work goes into designing beloved BMS World Mission publications, making events like the Baptist Assembly seamless and keeping the website up and running. Despite all the hours that go into the production, only the shining finished product is seen. The team is comprised of: Creative Co-ordinator Jonny Clark, Communications Technician Aidan Melville, Middleweight Creative Ruth Povall and Creative Intern Jacob Barrell. Here is a small tribute to the amazing people who make these things happen.

Matching outfits

This colour co-ordinated group of people made up the production crew at this year’s Baptist Assembly. They were responsible for running the planned sessions and ensuring that everything went smoothly.

And guess what? It did!

From right to left: Jonny Clark, Geneve Neil, Alexander Barker, Jacob Barrell

Production of the Baptist Assembly

Extensive planning, excellent organisation skills and piles of patience are necessary to run the mains sessions an event like the Baptist Assembly. BMS’ design team co-ordinated all of the images and words on the screens, operated two additional cameras that captured the action at different angles all while running an impressive lights display on the ceiling.

Production room at the Baptist Assembly

From this room they control: sound, cameras, the song lyrics, the stage, all displays, clock for each speaker, music and more. And, they know how to light up a room!

Light effecetsLight effects

Designing Engage, the Prayer Guide, World News, Project Cyrus and so much more

Would you be lost without the Prayer Guide? We would. What about Exchange, Engage and World News? These are either entirely or partially designed by our dedicated team.
Ruth and Aidan with their designed creations

They make amazing videos

Those of you who could not attend the Assembly, missed the debut of this year’s BMS finance video. The four minutes of footage comprised images from India and Chad, taken by Jonny, and staff from BMS and IMC filmed by Jacob. Jacob spent ten hours filming and editing this joyful piece so that it would be ready for our viewing pleasure.

In case you’re wondering, here is the talented cameraman in all his gear and glory!

Jacob with the steady cam

But also, Happy!

Happy – The BMS financial update video 2014 from BMS World Mission on Vimeo.




Pray for BMS design team members – Jonny Clark, Aidan Melville, Ruth Povall and Jacob Barrell – as they prepare for the Baptist Assembly in Wales and that they continue to be inspired.

For Assembly highlights, click here.




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