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Feeding Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Thanks to your generosity, hundreds more Syrian refugees in Lebanon will have food to eat.

Little Syrian refugee
Concrete is not a comfortable bed. Especially when you only have your body heat to warm it and very little food in you to warm your body. More than three years after the protests began in Syria, the conflict continues and the conditions of refugees barely surviving in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon continue to deteriorate. In response to this, through your gifts to the Syria appeal BMS World Mission has given a further grant to partner organisation, the Lebanese Society for Educational and Social Development (LSESD).
1.5 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon have registered with UNHCR and 2,500 more register every day. Only those who have registered are able to receive support from UNCHR. Even among the documented refugees, getting adequate food, clean water and hygiene supplies is difficult. Many have been forced to sell their last precious belongings in order to afford the rent to live in tents and shacks on someone’s property. Thousands more who have not registered live in even worse conditions.
BMS, in partnership with LSESD has stepped up to help ease this suffering by providing a grant of £31,627 to LSESD for families who are currently not receiving any food aid. This money will give on-going dietary support to 60 families, in the form of vouchers, as well as nutritional and hygiene aid to 100 families with young children for a period of six months. 
Syrian refugee children at a campThe vouchers, worth £48 each, will help a total of 390 individuals afford food and, very importantly, clean water. The tap water that many Syrian refugees have been drinking is heavy with sediments. A steady intake of these have been linked to health problems such as diarrhoea and kidney stones. The vouchers will allow families to save a little on food so that they can afford other necessities.  
Young children are among the most vulnerable because they are unable to find food for themselves and, according to UNHCR, half a million of the refugees in Lebanon are less than 18 years old. To help them, the relief grant will provide 1.8 kilograms of powdered milk and three bags of nappies to 100 families with young children. This program will also ensure that mothers have access to clean water to use with the milk.
BMS and LSESD would not have been able to help these 160 families without your generosity. “Thank you to everyone who has given towards Syrian relief,” says BMS Manager for Mission Projects Steve Sanderson, “It looks like an intractable conflict at the present stage, and sadly I fear that the human suffering is likely to continue for a little longer. Though your compassion and generosity are enabling people to survive, we must pray earnestly for peace and justice to return so that Syrians can begin to rebuild their country and their lives.” 
Please pray for the millions of Syrian refuges who never thought they would spend more than one winter away from home.
Donate today to help these families struggling, every day, to survive.

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