Transforming lives on four continents

Deep-level impact

At a prayer meeting, just after the tsunami had struck south Asia, the first thoughts of forming a church team were voiced at Heywood Baptist Church.

Two and a half years later, eight of us spent over two weeks in Delhi with BMS partners John and Abha David who run the Anusaran project. We joined with them in providing informal education for children, empowering women and supported their church work.


It was a time that was not without many challenges, from the 42 degrees Celsius heat to the endemic poverty that one sees at every turn. The sense though that, together with those who have gone before us in other teams and those who will follow us, we have made a difference in the lives of a few is hugely satisfying.

Being part of such a team has given me first-hand experience of life in a totally different part of the world and such experience cannot help but impact you at a deep level. The support given to us by BMS has been superb.

James Neve was part of a BMS Church Team to India. He is minister of Heywood Baptist Church, near Rochdale


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