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Confronting doubt – Michelle Tepper

As Catalyst Live approaches, Christian apologist and guest speaker, Michelle Tepper, talks to BMS World Mission about doubt, faith and a living God.

Michelle Tepper

“Why am I doubting God? Why do I doubt that he is powerful enough even when I’m suffering?” In this exclusive Catalyst Live promotional podcast Michelle Tepper, guest lecturer at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics,  shares her experience as a Christian and speaks about her understanding of faith, her ways of battling doubt, and the relationship Christians have with God.



Michelle stresses the importance of confronting our uncertainties and moving away from the versions of God we create. “Just like anything in life, if we aren’t careful, we could all get stuck in a rut,” says Michelle. “Most of the deepest struggles that all people have about God come from doubting or being fearful of a God we made in our human image.” Being willing to break through these barriers and going back to the Bible for confirmation is one of the surest ways to find reassurance that faith is about an “an offer of relationship from a real God who wants to be known and wants to know us.”

Michelle, originally from Florida, USA, has permanently moved to England with her husband and four year old daughter to continue her work as a church planter and apologist. She studied political science at Oxford University and now travels as a speaker for the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. 

Michelle Tepper will be speaking at BMS’ Catalyst Live, on Wednesday 27 November in Manchester. Tickets for the Reading event have all sold out so book your place for Manchester today. 
Catalyst Live is a two day opportunity to engage with leading voices of science, culture, theology and apologetics. The event will be held in Manchester on Wednesday 27 November and in Reading on Thursday 28 November. More information can be found on the Catalyst Live website. 



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