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BMS debates the shape of earth's future

BMS World Mission, in conjunction with key partners, has released a new resource about creation care and the environment.

Called FutureShape?, it features studies for groups and individuals, video comments from experts in the field and a meditation video featuring a song by Pete James.

FutureShape? is produced in partnership with the Baptist Union of Scotland, A Rocha (a Christian environmental charity), the Baptist Union of Great Britain and the Baptist Union of Wales. Studies were initially created by Alan Pain, Director of BMS’ International Mission Centre, and were then made available last summer for criticism, comment and debate among ministers. The resulting synthesis of ideas is a truly collaborative resource, the product of a community wrestling with an issue, rather than a small elite trying to dictate policy on a controversial issue.

Video contributors to FutureShape? include:

* Dr Elaine Storkey, President of Tearfund, broadcaster and writer
* Dr Vinoth Ramachandra, theologian, writer and a member of the A Rocha Council of Reference
* Rev Dave Bookless, Director of A Rocha UK
* Sir John Houghton, Co-Chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Scientific Assessment Working Group
* Rev Prem Mitra, Chair of A Rocha India

“Partnership has really enhanced this new resource and will continue to do so, as new material is received for the bonus material hosted on the Futureshape? website,” says Gareth Wilde, BMS Mission Education Co-ordinator.

“I firmly believe the resource will help churches understand and engage with the complexities and the theological imperative to care for God’s creation.” 

Alan Pain had this to say: "We originally conceived FutureShape? as a set of mission studies integrating creation care into a contemporary view of mission. As time passed, we caught the vision of an exciting and accessible resource with a well-researched range of visual material and expert comment to supplement the core studies. I believe the end product is the result of some outstanding BMS teamwork which we hope will offer timely help and inspiration to our colleagues in ministry." 

FutureShape? can be accessed at this address:

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