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Amazon villagers trapped on rooftops

BMS World Mission personnel and partners are helping river communities affected by flooding in Peru’s Amazonian regions.

Terrible flooding in the Amazon regions of Peru has hardly been reported by British news media, but BMS workers and partners are helping river communities still waiting for relief.

Official estimates suggest that over 30 per cent of people in Loreto province in Peru’s northern rainforest have been affected by the worst floods since the 1970s. People in the large river port of Iquitos are receiving relief, but BMS workers have discovered that aid is taking longer to reach isolated communities along tributaries and subtributaries like the Maranon and Yanayacu rivers. 
From these remote river villages, stories are emerging of families living for days on rooftops with nothing to eat but fish and no soap to help prevent the spread of infections. Many homes have been destroyed and some moderately more fortunate families have been forced to abandon the lower parts of their homes and live on upper floors or in the rafters, erecting rough wooden walkways to avoid the water below.


Peru floodingBMS workers Harland and Gill Rivas Thurgood and Laura-Lee Lovering have already started to help in relief work among six river communities. A BMS grant of about £5,800 will provide basic food and help with disease prevention for 171 families in remote river villages like the one featured in BMS film Amazonia


 More photographs of the flooding are available at the BMS Facebook page.

Please pray for our workers, partners, and the people of Loreto province.

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