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Adding a chill to Chad

A new addition to Guinebor II’s machinery will allow the hospital to receive and store life-saving vaccines.

Refrigerator delivered to the hospital

As the rains slow, malaria cases decrease and the dusty heat picks up, BMS World Mission’s Guinebor II Hospital in Chad welcomes the arrival of a brand new solar powered refrigerator. Due to their limited cool storage and the harsh weather conditions, Guinebor II could not give patients vaccinations provided by the government health organisations. Now, as the solar panels are connected, new hope builds around the hospital.

The refrigerator began its journey in the UK, South Harrow to be exact, was shipped 4,180 miles through Air France to N’Djamena, the capital of Chad and then driven seven miles on a well-used truck to the hospital. As the refrigerator sits happily in the pharmacy, BMS mission worker Malc White oversees the final stages of the set-up process. On 10 November the installation began.

New solar powered fridge will store vaccinesOnce the refrigerator is up and running, Guinebor II will be better able to serve those who need medical attention. “Before, organisations would come to N’Djamena to give vaccinations and we wouldn’t know about it,” says Malc. “People would come to vaccinate for polio and other diseases but we wouldn’t be able to get involved because we had no facilities.” When the new addition to Guinebor II’s family comes to life, BMS surgeon Mark Hotchkin will begin connecting with health ministry and medical providers, securing life-saving stock to fill it with. “Now that we have the fridge, we can expand the services of the hospital and do a lot more outreach work,” says Malc White.

When the refrigerator is on and storing life-saving vaccines, Malc hopes that it will last a very long time. Despite having to battle the elements, he is confident it will stay cool for many years. Chad’s current season comes with lots of dry weather and clouds of dust, which could damage the somewhat delicate machinery. Thankfully, the over 40 degree weather and hot sun will keep it charged and running as the new vaccines come in and more lives are saved.


You can support projects like Guinebor II Hospital as they work to help the poor living in and around N’Djamena, Chad. Please donate to BMS or support the essential work of BMS workers Malc and Sue White and Mark and Andrea Hotchkin directly.  




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