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Action Teams: week three

Three weeks into their six months’ mission, the Action Teams are working hard at their placements and learning new ways to communicate and bond with their communities.

Action Teamer with her classFrom Diwali to medieval festivals to ‘chillows’, the BMS World Mission’s 2013 – 14  Action Teams are having amazing adventures and doing incredible work all over the world. The groups have been in country for three weeks and have battled cultural difference, social faux pas, and language barriers. Safe to say, they have loved every minute of it. 


India – Delhi


Team India-Dheli: Hannah, Jess, MollyHannah, Jess and Molly work in a school teaching English to women in the mornings and lead Bible study and games with the children in the evenings. They are involved in the community youth group, hosting home groups and attending church picnics.




Flowerpot firework sparkling at night

The ‘brightest’ part of their experience sofar is Diwali, India’s Festival of Light. Although Diwali began on Sunday 3 November, on Thursday 31 October the children celebrated the event by feeding their Action Teamers spicy Indian crisps and pouring something similar to mountain dew on Molly. Sunday involved a two hour Hindi service, a baptism in the cemetery’s pool and finally, a roof-top barbeque, provided by their supervisors, to enjoy the sights and sounds of a firework show. 




Team Thailand: Sarah, Rosie, Hannah D, Hannah S performing in a churchSarah, Rosie, Hannah D, and Hannah S have been working on their Thai, worshiping with the Karen community and teaching their students English. They had the opportunity to visit a home for disabled children this week and were deeply touched by the experience. Buddhists believe that the disabled sinned in their past life and are now being punished for it.


Hope Home for disabled children

Despite their difficult circumstances, the children are happy and loving. “We felt so blessed by the chance to just be with the children and show some love,” says Team Thailand.





Team Italy: Claire, RAchel and Clem at an Italian medieval festival for Clem's birthdayWith youth work and language learning ahead of them, Clare, Rachel and Clem are working in churches, reaching out to the 17 – 27 year olds of Matera Baptist Church every Friday evening. The youth taught Team Italy to sing How great is our God in Italian, joined them for a best of British dinner and even celebrated Clem’s birthday with a day out to a medieval festival.


Matera Baptist Church's youth group

The team was introduced to an aging church in Miglionico, a town near Matera, where they serenaded the congregation with We lift our hands in the sanctuary. “It brings joy to my heart to see young people in Church,” an excited woman told them after the service.




Team Nepal: Elie, Charlie, Eilidh and Selina with new Nepalese friends Eli, Charley, Eilidh and Selina have received their saris and started working in colourful Kathmandu. Their housemates come from a variety of faith and cultural backgrounds and Team Nepal has had the opportunity to share their stories of faith and mission and make some new friends. 



At the Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC), Team Nepal has begun their work as classroom assistants. Along with teaching, the team has been re-learning some important faith lessons during KISC’s holiday club ‘Sky’. “The key statements of ‘no matter how you feel, where you go, trust in God’ are so relevant for people at all stages of life,” says Team Nepal. “This is a continual challenge.”


India – Kolkata


Team Kolkata: Nick, Jake, Hannah J, Hannah T with a Pamella and Allen, a couple also staying in the guest house.The three weeks have not come without their struggles. As Nick, Hannah J, Hannah T and Jake work on expanding their Bengali vocabulary, they fight the elements and sickness.They have all recovered but, for a week, the Action Teamers suffered from fevers, vision problems, and various other illnesses that come with living in a foreign environment.


Kolkata team with their students

While they recovered, they reflected on one of their IMC training sessions – Spiritual Opposition. “We began to realize that there is always opposition to God’s work,” says the Team Kolkata. “Our physical suffering made us feel deflated spiritually, until we realized that actually this is exactly what the opposition wants.”


Team Kolkata teaching their studentsThey are all better and have grown from this experience. Thankfully they did not have to go through this alone. Those living in the community cared for their sick. “A lady at one of our projects reminded us that Jesus walked this path, felt what we felt, and he will provide us with the strength to continue his work,” says Team Kolkata.


Pray that the Action Teams have a successful six months of ministry, learning, and growth.

To hear more about the Action Teams check out their blogs. Interested in becoming a 2014 – 15 Action Team member? Applications and more information can be found online







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