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3 photos that will make you wish you were on a BMS Action Team

Congratulations to Charley Lloyd for snapping the winning picture in this year’s Action Team photo competition!

Choosing the top three images was difficult for the judges and deciding on a winner even more so. However, the best has been found. Here is the winning photo and the two runners-up. 

Winner – Nepal 

Nepal - local woman weaving in a factory
“The threads of the loom really draw you into the woman working and you find yourself wondering what her story is,” says BMS World Mission’s Creative Co-ordinator Jonny Clark. “This year’s winner has shown great composition skills and picked an excellent subject.” Charley met this woman during a holiday to the eastern city of Pokhara after a shop owner invited the team to see the Women’s Skills Development Organisation factory. What they found there was a large, spacious room where local women were paid fair wages to create bags, toys, jumpers and more from 100 per cent natural materials. Though the women did not speak English, Charley says, “they all seemed happy and engaged.” Not only did Charley buy a bag on her way out, but their products can be found in Oxfam shops in the UK.
And now for the runners-up! They are listed in alphabetical order by country:


Italy - UNESCO sight, Sassi
This photo was taken by Alessia Mingione, one of the team’s friends and a member of the Matera Baptist Church youth group, on the evening of the Action Team’s last full day in Italy. From where they stood, the team and friends could see the UNESCO World Heritage site, Sassi, where cave dwellings formed naturally out of the rock in the Basilicata region and where, until the 1960s, the people of Matera lived. “Such a beautiful, breath-taking view and sunset was the perfect conclusion to our Action Team placement,” says the Italy Action Team. 
“This photo captures how beautiful God’s creation can be, both in the natural and in the manmade landscapes,” says Tabitha Leask, BMS’ Teams Programmes Co-ordinator. 


Nepal - aerial view of boats in Pokhara
It you type ‘Nepali boat Pokhara’ into Google images, you will be hard pressed to find a photo like Eilidh McRorie’s. “Flying above Pokhara's lake in a microlight is a one of a kind experience,” she says. “The multi-coloured boats floating along remind you of Nepal's colour and vibrancy and the bustling city below.” What a unique way to capture one of the city’s major attractions while taking in the beautiful sights from a small two-seater plane.  
“I’ve seen plenty photos of these boats from previous Nepal Action Teams,” says Communications Technician Aidan Melville, “but this is the first one in an aerial perspective which makes it stand out from previous competition entries. It has good composition and a variety of colour - we will definitely be using this photo in the future.”
Congratulations again to Charley for winning! And to the nine runners-up! Thank you to all of the teams for sending in your photos and sharing your experiences and your time overseas with us. 




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