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2014 Action Team photo competition: the runners-up

After 284 photo submissions, the results are in! Here are seven of the finalists in this year’s Action Team Photo Competition!

The old saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and for many young people serving abroad, the photos they take can say and mean so much more. Each year, BMS World Mission challenges our Action Teams to capture moments both beautifully and skilfully. The images are judged and the ten best are chosen. These are the seven runners-up in alphabetical order by country. 

Delhi entry, shoes

This photo was taken during a holiday in the north western Indian city of Amritsar. “They wouldn’t let us leave until we tried on a number of interesting designs,” say the Delhi Action Team. 
The next two were taken by different members of the Kolkata team. 

Kolkata entry, little girl

This was a day of celebration at a staff member’s house-warming, taken as the Kolkata team’s time in India came to a close. “The day itself brought many laughs and smiles, as we were again humbled by the selfless acts of friendship and hospitality shown by our Kolkata family.” 

Kolkata entry, little boy and new kid

For the Kolkata team, this picture, “completely captured the sense of natural and uncomplicated joy which characterised the entire day,” says the team. “It reminded us of how important it is that we rejoice in the seemingly simple and sometimes forgotten things that the Lord has provided us.”

Kosovo entry, Mathieu

This photo by Rosella Payne captures the difficulties one young boy faces, both at home and at school. “Mathieu loves to play with the plastic animals,” says Rosella. “But often he does not make it to class because his family forgets to bring him.” Surrounded by alcoholics at home, he spends much of his time refilling his dad’s glass with ‘raki’, a strong alcoholic drink, and putting out his father’s cigarettes with his toys.  


Both of these photos were taken by Eli Rees. 

Nepal entry, mum and baby

An 18 year old mother with her baby, that Eli met at a group run by with United Mission to Nepal. During these sessions, the women received support and the opportunity to earn money through farming. “I don't know if it was the same for her, but many young women in the group had moved villages after their arranged marriage to live with their husband’s family,” says Eli. “This group gave them the opportunity to make some friends in this new place.”

Nepal entry, shy girl

Being the new kid is scary, regardless of which country you are in. This little girl had recently joined a church group where the Nepal Action Team did singing and drawing with the children, but she was too shy to join the activities. “When this photo was taken, some of the children were playing games on the roof,” says Eli, “but she was new so she sat and watched everyone.”



Thailand entry, meeting monks

This shot was taken by Hannah Stannard during a lunch stop while the Thailand Action Teamers were on their way to a mountain Karen village. Although they did pass a few Buddhist villages along the way, mostly Karen people live in mountains. “Buddhism is everywhere in Thailand,” says Hannah, “and monks were a group of people we came into regular contact with. The level of spirituality that surrounded us was possibly one of the hardest things we came across!”
“This year’s competition saw a high quality of submissions,” says BMS’ Creative Co-ordinator Jonny Clark. “Our runner-up images showcase a diverse range of BMS work in a wide variety of locations and once again prove that children make great subjects for photos!”
Congratulations to the photographers who made it into the top ten and thank you for submitting your beautiful work. 
Come back next week for the announcement of the first, second and third place winners! 
2013's winning photoCurious about Action Teams? Do you have a heart for mission or want to do something amazing with your gap year? Check out the Action Teams page for more information. 

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