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10 reasons why going on a BMS Action Team is the best decision you’ll ever make

Confident, driven and on fire for God, hundreds of Christians are out to change the world. What do they have in common? They were all on BMS Action Teams.

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Are you 18-23, about to finish school, work, college or university, ready for an adventure and wondering what on earth to do next? Well fear not, BMS World Mission has the answer – sign up for Action Teams.

With a month of training, six months overseas mission – in countries like Jamaica, Mozambique, India, Italy or Thailand – and two months UK tour, Action Teams is a totally unique, incredible and life-changing Christian gap year. 

Here are ten reasons why going on a BMS Action Team is the best decision you’ll ever make:

You get to fight injustice and change the world

1. You get to fight injustice and change the world
Get equipped to serve the least and the lost, then see how God will use you to fight injustice and change lives.
Praying in India
2. You will grow closer to God


Want to become more faithful? Living for six months on the other side of the world will lead you to fully rely on God. 
“I have never grown so much in my faith in so little time,” says Hannah James, currently on an Action Team in Kolkata, India. “Doing Action Teams forces you to constantly expect the unexpected and embrace being a servant of the Lord in whatever shape or form that may be.”
It makes total financial sense
3. It makes total financial sense
For a third of the price of a year at uni you get ten months that will literally change your life – so, if you think about it, Action Teams is actually a bit of a bargain.
You get to live deep in another culture - lion hiding in shade
4. You get to live deep in another culture
Break free from materialism and spend half a year living somewhere completely different, it will change your outlook on life forever.
"Six months of learning from new cultures, tasting weird and wonderful foods, putting our awesome and challenging mission calls into practice, and growing in faith and love for God,” is how Beth Uitterdijk describes her time on the 2009/10 Kolkata Action Team.
5. You'll make friends you'll keep for life
Spending a year living, working and growing with young Christians who, like you, want to know God better and be part of his global mission will leave you with some of the best friends you’ll ever have! 
Clem Jones, Italy Action Teamer, says, “Life together means you get to know each other so well – I don't think I've ever been as honest with anyone before as I have been with my team!”
So much fun on training!
6. It is so much fun
Trust us. 


Ex Action Teamer Tabi Leask says, “Action Teams was, without a doubt, the best year of my life!” Tabi loved her time with BMS in Delhi so much that she’s now working full-time with Action Teams at BMS HQ.
Happy in Uganda
7. You'll grow in confidence and gain new skills
From teaching English and helping to empower disadvantaged children, to running sports clubs and speaking in UK churches – you’ll gain loads of new skills and discover gifts you never knew you had.
“Public speaking used to terrify me,” says Lucy Vallance, Brazil Action Team 2006/7, “but through Action Teams I grew massively in confidence. By the end of it I was happy to speak at the front of unfamiliar churches and lead assemblies in scary secondary schools!” 
Children in Nepal
8. God honours those who step out of the boat
God loves it when we step out in faith to follow his call. But how many of us actually do it?
Talking about her time in Thailand with Action Teams, Hannah Hitchin says, “I felt so immersed in the joy and contentment that comes when stepping out in obedience and knowing God’s strength surpasses all.” 
It'll look great on your CV! Lucy Vallance at work.
9. It looks great on your CV
Teamwork, confidence, public speaking, the ability to relate well to people from other cultures and backgrounds… Who wouldn’t want to employ you after you’ve learnt all these amazing skills?!
Zack went to Kosovo with BMS in 2011: “BMS Action Teams was a huge learning curve for me. The skills learnt and sacrifices made helped me to stand out in interviews for jobs afterwards.”
Fun at Christmas - you'll face uni and life a changed person
10. You'll face uni and life a changed person
Not sure what the future holds? Spend a year getting to know more of God and all the things he has for you. You won’t be disappointed.
Butterfly captured by an Action Teamer in Sao Paulo
Ready to sign up for the best year of your life? Visit to apply.  
If you have more questions we’d love to hear from you. Email or phone 01235 517647.
Action Teams. The best year of your life is yet to happen

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