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Fiona Welsh

Fiona Welsh

Who: Fiona Welsh

Where: Mozambique

How long: Since 2009

Principal ministries: Development

Fiona is from central Scotland and went to Brazil as a BMS volunteer in 2006. She trained as a long-term worker in 2007/08 and then completed language training in Portugal before going to work with the Evangelical Baptist Church of Angola in 2009. Fiona spent two years working in Angola passing on project management skills.


Fiona moved to Mozambique in the summer of 2012 to be a part of a growing BMS team working with the Baptist Convention of Mozambique.



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Posted: 16/08/2016 - 15:38

That's what Regiane from the Greenford Baptist Church Insight Team told a group of young girls to do every day. Regiane is studying phsychology and is passionate about helping others, especially women and girls, to value themselves and see themselves as God does. As well as sharing with the girls she also spoke to groups of women and young folks at Manga Baptist Church. Yesterday, Heather (Kedesh Santuário) took the girls to the local market to buy African cloth and have dresses made. On the way, one girl took out a little hand mirror and told herself "I am beautiful"!


Posted: 15/06/2016 - 16:12

At the end of May Carlos and I delivered training for 20 people that had been nominated by our colleague Annet who Coordinates the BMS Legal Team. Annet helped to set up the Association of Christian Lawers in Mozambique and part of her work is to link that work in with the ladies work of the Baptist Convention of Mozambique. We had a real mix of roles and experience but it made for a lovely group. Everyone particularly enjoyed analysing some local problems and presenting the results in the form of problem and objective trees. Other exercises were to produce accounts and a report and one lady that has worked for an organisation for 11 years said that she had always...

Posted: 06/05/2016 - 19:42

Recently a number of people living in rural areas have been displaced due to the political conflict and severe drought, particularly in Central Mozambique. A large percentage of Mozambicans rely on the rice or corn that they grow for their food supply. Because the normal rains didn't come between December and February that basically means that this large number of people are now without food. In the last week or so people have started moving to camps in another region. This means that some children are missing school and often there is not enough shelter for everyone. Even in the city I've been told of people at are now eating only one meal per day. In the last 18...

Posted: 16/11/2015 - 16:00

Thanks to a few peaceful weeks (conflict wise) Carlos and I managed to travel to Sussundenga on Wednesday to see how the cattle project is doing. Because of this small agricultural project life has become a bit easier for the 13 families involved. Those who participated in the vegetable garden training have been able to buy items such as salt, oil and sugar which they can't always afford. One man, Vasco, told us that he was going to buy goats to breed with some of his profits. Inácio, who is managing the project, harvested enough corn in April and May to feed his family until at least January (they normally run out around August and have to use their meagre wages to buy...

Posted: 30/09/2015 - 09:31

Carlos and I were delighted to see two small business ideas being approved this month. One is a kiosk in a remote area that will sell day to day products an the other will sell fish and chicken in the centre of the country (two steps forward.....). However, we've been saddened to see the return of political conflict which makes it difficult for us to travel to visit these projects ( step back). Carlos went by minibus taxi to visit the fish and chicken project on Monday but has decided not to go to the other project in the West until things have settled down a bit. We are praying that talks will recommence between the two main political parties and that the...

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Key dates

Fiona will be on home assignment in the UK from 14 January to 5 February 2017.


Please note her schedule is now fully booked.

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