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Response: Biblical creation

Not everybody enjoyed The Science Issue of Mission Catalyst. Wendy Sharpless has responded here. 


Many articles in the Science Issue of Catalyst were written by theistic evolutionists – Christians who believe God used evolution, but many Christians – theologians, scientists and lay-people believe in Biblical creation – God created just as stated in Genesis.  Genesis 1-11 is a straight forward historical account of origins and the early history of mankind.  The world is some 6,000+ years old (calculated from genealogies and history in Scripture) therefore Biblical creationists are also called Young Earth Creationists.  

If the Big Bang and biological evolution really happened, there are very serious consequences – God is robbed of His glory and Scripture loses its integrity. 

Belief in the Big Bang leads to such thoughts as ‘we’re lucky to be here.....when it comes to the question of fine-tuning of the universe...’ (p7, Catalyst Science Issue)  Luck?  No – God is totally omniscient and omnipotent.  He designed and created a fine-tuned universe including our solar system and our earth just right for human existence.  By His mighty power God spoke everything into existence – Genesis 1 and Psalm 33:6-9.  He is not a puny impotent god of evolution – using chance mutations, trial and error or a cruel god using death and disease in a ‘struggle for existence.’  God’s creation was ‘very good’ – death came as a result of Adam’s sin.

God is proclaimed as the almighty Creator throughout the whole of the Bible – not just in Genesis 1 & 2 but also in e.g. Exodus 20:11, Nehemiah 9:6, Job 38, the Psalms, Isaiah 40:26,28, John 1:1-3, Acts 14:15, and finally in Revelation 4: 11.  Believing in creation transforms our concept of God.  The OT and NT saints addressed Him as ‘Sovereign LORD’ when they prayed – we too can have total confidence in this kind of God.

I noticed a lack of Scripture in the Catalyst articles.  God is a God of revelation and He has given us His inspired written Word – 2 Timothy 3:16,17, Psalm 119:90.  This whole Psalm emphasises the importance of God’s Word.  Surely God would have told us if He used evolution.  Would He really mislead us?  If Genesis 1-11 is myth, the whole of Scripture becomes in doubt.  

We were not there to observe the beginning, but God was and He has told us what happened – Job 38:4.

‘Science involves measuring, collecting, or calculating anything that can be measured, collected or calculated’ (p3 Catalyst Science Issue) – all scientific observations in the present, but what happened in the distant past is not subject to scientific analysis therefore evolution can never be a scientific fact – it is one model of origins.  All scientists have the same observed evidence in front of them, but interpret this evidence according to their belief/worldview – evolutionism or creationism.  

The Bible is not a science textbook but it is never found to contradict science.  The fact that God created perfectly designed complete complex creatures fits with the increasing knowledge of very great complexity in cells, body systems and organs.  All their parts interact – all parts must be present at once.  Living systems are irreducibly complex.  

God created basic ‘kinds’.  Creationists envisage 1000s of kind-trees rather than the single evolutionary Tree of Life:

Within each kind there has been rapid diversification to produce modern species especially since the global Flood – using only the created genome.  Genes have been switched ‘on’ and ‘off’ or lost by mutation and genes and chromosomes carrying genes, shuffled.  However the production of new/novel DNA/genes needed for evolution has never been observed.  Observed mutations are always a loss of genetic information.


For more information on creation visit, and


Wendy Sharpless MA(Oxon)DipEd.  Retired Biology Teacher.


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