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  • How to do mission action planning

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    By Mike Chew & Mark Ireland, SPCK, £9.99 ISBN: 978-0-28106-122-8 This is very much a 'how to do' book. Mission action planning began as a Church of England initiative for local churches and dioceses to think about the steps they can take...

  • Globalizing theology: belief and practice in an era of world Christianity

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    By Craig Ott and Harold A. Netland (eds), IVP, £17.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-173-1 In the ‘many coloured tapestry’ of today’s globalised world, with its cultural diversity, changing demographics (most Christians are non-Western),...

  • Global Good News: Mission in a New Context

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    ed Howard A Snyder, Abingdon Press, £15.99 ISBN: 0-68701-586-3 The introduction to the 14 academic papers contends that too often we (the Christian Church) have been bad news instead of good – the shared conviction of the writers is that...

  • Get a grip on mission

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    By: Martin Goldsmith, IVP/OMF, £9.99 ISBN: 1-84474-126-7 Martin Goldsmith reconsiders cross-cultural mission for the 21st century in Get a grip on Mission, surveying the challenges and opportunities of today’s world. With wisdom,...

  • From headhunters to church planters

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    By: Paul Hattaway, Piquant, £6.99 ISBN: 1-90368-937-6 Paul Hattaway’s account of the Nagas, who reside in the remote Naga Hills, is that of a mild, cheerful people with a keen sense of humour. He tells of how God’s Spirit led a...

  • Evangelism - which way now?

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    By Mike Booker and Mark Ireland, Church House Publishing, £11.99 ISBN: 0-71514-075-2 Sub-titled ‘an evaluation of Alpha, Emmaus, Cell church and other contemporary strategies for evangelism’, this is an invaluable guide to a...

  • Evangelism in a spiritual age

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    by the Archbishop’s Council, Church House Publishing, £11.99 ISBN: 0-71514-054-X The first third describes research carried out among non church-goers. It discovered that there was little sense that the answers to people’s...

  • Evangelical, Ecumenical, and Anabaptist Missiologies in Conversation

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    Ed by: Krabill, Sawatsky & Van Engen, Orbis Books, £14.99 ISBN: 1-57075-653-8 This volume of 26 essays celebrates the 70th birthday and retirement of Wilbert Shenk, the renowned American Mennonite missiologist. The essays are grouped...

  • Evaluating fresh expressions

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    By Louise Nelstrop and Martyn Percy, Canterbury Press, £16.99 ISBN: 978-1-85311-816-6 This book is not so much an exploration in emerging church as a discussion and evaluation of emergent church as defined by The Fresh Expressions Initiative...

  • Emerging evangelism

    Posted: 7 May 2010 by bms_editor

    by John Finney, DLT, £10.95 ISBN: 0-23252-496-3 This is a timely addition to the “where are we likely to go next?” questions. Recognising that the gospel has been packaged in many different wrappings, Finney examines the content...

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