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  • Beyond the box

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    By: Tom Stuckey, Inspire, £6.99 ISBN 1-85852-285-4     Tom Stuckey invites you on a journey of exploration into John’s gospel. He unpacks the ideas from his previous book, Into the Far Country, restating, simplifying and...

  • Building a multi-ethnic church

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    By Linbert Spencer, SPCK, £10.99 ISBN: 978-0-28105-905-8 Following recent European election wins for the BNP and the mini-pogrom against Romanian immigrants in Northern Ireland, this comes as a timely read. Beginning with a biblical reflection...

  • Burn up or splashdown

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    By Marion Knell, Authentic, £6.99 ISBN: 978-1-93280-583-3 This book is a valuable read for the returning aid worker or missionary, whether long-term or short-term. It sets out many struggles encountered as they come to grips with re-entry into...

  • Caring for Creation

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    Ed: Sarah Tillett, BRF, £8.99 ISBN: 1-84101-439-7 This is an intriguing collection of essays and reflections on the theology of creation. A stellar line-up of theologians and thinkers - Eugene Peterson, Vinoth Ramachandra, Christopher Wright...

  • Celebrating Difference, Staying Faithful

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    By: Andrew Wingate, DLT, £12.95 ISBN: 0-23252-532-3 This issue has always been important. Now it’s urgent. The stories from the front line of the war on terror mean that we need to think about what it means to have neighbours with a...

  • Child, victim, soldier

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    By Donald H Dunson, Orbis Books, £10.99 ISBN: 978-1-57075-799-0 This book is a catalogue of harrowing stories about children caught up in the conflict of northern Uganda between the government forces and a rebel group called the Lord’s...

  • China's Christian Martyrs

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    By Paul Hattaway, Monarch, £12.99 ISBN: 978-1-85424-762-9 This book is the first attempt to document all the people who have been martyred for Christ in China from all the different Christian traditions. Since the Nestorians first introduced...

  • Christ and culture revisited

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    By D A Carson, Apollos, £12.99 ISBN: 978-1-84474-279-0 How should we Christians relate to our culture? Should we be for it, against it, counter-cultural, or what? By revisiting Richard Neibuhr’s classic typological analysis of culture,...

  • Christianity in Culture

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    By Charles H Kraft, Orbis Books, £17.99 ISBN: 1-57075-588-4 In essence, this is an academic book. But if you are serious about mission, then this is a book that you really should read. Kraft’s original edition in 1979 was a ground-...

  • Christian mission, a case study approach

    Posted: 6 May 2010 by Anonymous

    by Alan Neely, Orbis Books (1995),    £21.99 ISBN:     1-57075-008-4 Here, the author presents his 18 ‘cases’ which cover real issues and are from varied countries and religious experiences. Using...

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