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Andrea and Mark Hotchkin

Andrea and Mark Hotchkin

Who: Andrea and Mark Hotchkin

Where: Chad

How long: 1993-2003, 2010 onwards

Principal ministries: Health

Andrea and Mark are surgeons who previously worked for ten years with BMS in Guinea, West Africa. They then completed six years work in the NHS during which Mark pursued further specialist training in emergency medicine and Andrea in obstetrics and gynaecology.


They moved to N'Djamena, the capital of Chad, in 2010, where they bring good news to the poor by working in a new hospital and sharing the experience of life in Jesus. The French language and mainly Muslim culture are similar to their previous experience.


However there are many differences such as the hot and arid climate and the need to learn Arabic as the principal language for everyday use.


They have two children, Ruth and Rebecca. Rebecca attends a French-speaking high school in the middle of the city and Ruth attends university in the UK. 


Andrea and Mark enjoy music, reading, hill walking, camping, going to the theatre and concerts.


To visit their blog, Chad Chatter, click here.


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